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Motor Hub is the preferred source of Mitsubishi vehicles in Truro, Nova Scotia. Our top-rated Mitsubishi dealership is not limited to Truro alone, but we've also extended our services to the surrounding areas of Bible Hill and Brookside. We're recognized because of the award-winning dealership services that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We've continued with growth and expansion to accommodate the Mitsubishi enthusiast who wishes to shop Mitsubishi online. When you buy Mitsubishi cars from us, it will come with unmatched confidence with reasonable prices. Motor Hub is a reliable and cost-effective Mitsubishi dealership that offers a wide selection of quality vehicles.

The Mitsubishi Inventory in Truro, Nova Scotia

We carry quality vehicles in our Mitsubishi inventory geared towards every customer's needs fulfillment. We are dedicated to offering the best customer experience for buying a new Mitsubishi vehicle and when you come for maintenance services. We are proud to stock the stylish and latest Mitsubishi models that are flawless and set within the affordable price range. Make a wise decision and pick your new Mitsubishi at Motor Hub Group partner.

Eclipse Cross

2021-2022 Eclipse Cross in Truro, Nova Scotia 

The Eclipse Cross is a very dynamic Mitsubishi choice that combines SUV practicality, sophistication, aesthetic, and the warranted sporty performance for the drives, which are always on the move. It's packed with distinctive and excellence-oriented features. The exterior has a sleek and stylish design giving it a purposeful stance. Moreover, the standout style of Eclipse Cross is complemented by quality alloy wheels and an LED lighting system, which offers an unmistakable presence in the road. Its sparkling performance is catalyzed by the high technology safety features that also improve its sporty appearance. 

The Eclipse Cross's interior offers first-class comfort and luxury. Its ergonomic comfort is supported by great functionalities, including the 8-inch touch screen display and heated seats. The smart connectivity of Eclipse Cross is compatible with various smartphone applications, therefore, built to grow your driving passion. Eclipse Cross is fitted with innovative technology to support active and passive safety systems for additional safety. The integrated safety network works wholesomely to guide, alert, and stimulate drivers' reactions and ensure that passengers are always safe.


2021 Mitsubishi Outlander in Truro, Nova Scotia 

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a family-hauling SUV packed with exceptional features such as adequate cargo space, rear-view camera, climate control system, and 18 inches alloy wheels. The Outlander's interior is a comfortable space with a generous room for head and leg movements. Most people know Mitsubishi Outlander as a spacious cabin with a stylish interior equipped with all the essential accessories that keep the passengers entertained and connected. 

This SUV is very versatile to adapt to the needs of various passengers. The reclining seats guarantee comfortable and luxurious rides. The 2nd and 3rd-row seats can be rearranged to create another significant space for the cargo, additional passengers, or even both. The exterior has a distinctive combination of rear and front lights that make a more explicit presence statement both day and night.


2021 RVR in Truro, Nova Scotia 

The Mitsubishi RVR has a head-turning style and a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. It comes with performance and style complemented by its high-end technology features, keeping the passengers entertained and ever connected. The 2.0-litre MIVEC engine gives the RVR a compelling performance, fuel-efficiency, and acceleration. 

The interior has a complete connection that drivers need to enjoy the warm indulgence which embraces luxury. The steering wheel has effortless access and dynamic response to give an exceptional driving experience. The integrated satellite navigation and a rear-view camera of RVR enable the driver to manoeuvre with confidence.

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