New SUVs For Sale in Truro, NS

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New SUVs For Sale in Truro, NS

When looking to buy a new car, there are plenty of choices on the market. SUVs are some of the most popular options because of their versatility, capability, and spaciousness. At Motor Hub Automotive Group, we offer a wide selection of new and used SUVs from some of the best brands. Our inventory of new SUVs in Truro, NS, includes the Dodge Durango, Jeep Compass North, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler Sport.

SUV Options Available for Sale in Truro, NS

The Dodge Durango is a sporty-looking SUV that comes with a V6 engine that offers sufficient power. If you are seeking more power from a vehicle, a V8 option is available. It comes with three rows of seats to accommodate the entire family. The Durango comes with an advanced infotainment system, safety features, and driver-assist features.

Another great option is the 2022 Jeep Compass North SUV, a compact crossover that is just as good off-road as it is on-road. Its interior has been modernized even further with a new infotainment touchscreen with new software. A more premium trim offers a leather interior, all-wheel drive, and a larger infotainment system.

You should also consider the 2022 Grand Cherokee L. Thanks to the three-row interior, the 2022 Grand Cherokee L is built for off-road adventures with the whole family. It offers a slip rear differential, adjustable air suspension, and all-wheel drive. The cabin is well-tailored, with more luxurious features available on the premium trims. This SUV also has advanced technology with a modern infotainment system with various screens.

SUVs Dealership in Truro, NS

Motor Hub Automotive Group is a premium dealership serving the regions of Truro, Brookside, and Bible Hill, Nova Scotia. We offer a variety of popular brands, new and used SUVs, and competitive financing options. Financing SUVs in Truro, NS, has never been easier. Contact us, and our knowledgeable team will gladly answer any questions you may have. We'll help you find the best SUV that fits your lifestyle, give you more information about financing a used SUV, and more! Visit us today for all your automotive needs.